Wake Up Call! – Life Giving Conversations


Creating peace within your own life includes letting go of old conversations that clutter your heart.

Years ago an old toxic conversation kept rattling around inside of me. It was a pernicious clutter that offered only toxicity.

I could allow it to continue or proactively make choices for further grounding my life in peace.

Awareness of the life-draining nature of this old conversation was a prelude to detaching from it and offering those who were involved in the original conversation to the loving care of the Universe.

It resulted in what felt like a toxic cleanse. In its place I discovered new freedom to seek the inner peace that honored the need to pay attention to my well-being. Detachment created expanded space in my heart for life giving new conversations.


  • Acknowledge that which keeps you from peace within

  • Detach from it to create space for what enhances your well-being

Notice how life-giving conversations and actions expand your heart and peace.

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How do you Create Peace Within?

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