Wake Up Call – Kindness, Anger & Delight


Kindness and righteous anger combined with delight are life-giving companions on your journey.

A friend of mine inspires me with his unfailing kindness and generosity of spirit to others. His righteous anger about acts that dehumanize others is visceral. These two truths about him are fed by his insatiable delight in life.

He reminds me that my choices are never just either/or. They are a mix of elements that fire my spirit.

When I choose kindness and generosity in my dealings with another we connect, affirming our need of each other. When that need is celebrated how can I be anything other than righteously angry when your humanity is assailed or questioned? But all of that is for naught when I forget the delight of each day.

The result of my friend’s inspiring practices is a reminder that I can choose to live in the equilibrium of kindness, generosity, righteous anger and delight. How will I choose today?


  • Be aware of the responses and feelings that mark your day

  • Pay attention to their interconnectedness

  • Be open to how they feed your spirit

Notice how your awareness about the choices you face in engaging with life affect who you are.


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Written by Robert Taylor