Wake Up Call! – Stop Complaining



No matter how real my complaints are they invite me to take stock of what I’m blessed by.

I was at the end of a remarkable work project that consumed a lot of time. On the way home my thoughts were filled with a torrent of complaints about the journey back. They made me feel unpleasant.

Instead of wallowing in my complaints I asked why I giving them my attention.

Yes it was an arduous journey home to return to a busy schedule. But those were not the lenses that I want to choose because they keep me away from being aware of the blessings of life.

As I expressed my gratitude for the work I’d been able to do and the people I worked with I felt thankful; a more healthy energy and equilibrium was accompanied by calm.


  • Be aware of what you choose to open your energy to

  • Express gratitude for the things and people that are a blessing

Notice how your valid complaints are seen with new eyes when you choose to name your blessings.

Share a story about complaints and blessings here.

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Written by Robert Taylor

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