A Time for Change!


DECEMBER 7, 2104


I hope that your holiday season is filled with wonder and gladness! It is a time when I feel that we are each on a cusp of moving from the truths of one year into the hope and possibilities of the New Year.

I find myself anticipating the changes that the New Year invites even as I all too often cling on to some of the old things that make change difficult.

You may have noticed the new look to this newsletter, to my website, social media and weekly inspirational message – Wake Up Call! The change has been like remodeling your virtual house so that it feels functional and comfortable. Even as I knew it was time for the new I hesitated letting go of the old and familiar. I’m sure it is a feeling you are familiar with!

I hope you’ll visit the new website that went live today and be connected with me via social media. The icons are at the top of this page for you to click onto!

I’d love your feedback on the new look and messaging along with your stories about how you anticipate or handle change of any sort.

I believe that change is the birth-giver of new life, vision and energy!

In the spirit of embracing change, Robert

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Written by Robert Taylor