Wake Up Call! – We Are Family?

March 26, 20170

WE ARE FAMILY? How you think about family influences how you live, act and think. I grew up thinking my family was normal! Holiday meals often included people who might…

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Wake Up Call! – New Life!

March 19, 20170

NEW LIFE! New life emerges when your assumptions, assurances and complacency are challenged and engaged. As I hear so many people yearning for the arrival of Spring I’ve been very…

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Wake Up Call! – Sorting & Sifting

March 12, 20170

SORTING & sIFTING Allowing big questions to sit allows the sorting and sifting necessary for answers to emerge. I was thrown a huge curve a few weeks ago. So huge…

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Wake Up Call! – Important or Necessary?

March 5, 20170

IMPORTANT OR NECESSARY? Taking care of the necessary is quite different than focusing on what is important! Several times a week I receive emails from the same person and the…

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Wake Up Call! – Unplug & Recharge With Silence

February 26, 20170

UNPLUG & RECHARGE WITH SILENCE Intentional silence is a way to unplug and recharge your spirit. Something felt off kilter a few weeks ago. I love interacting and being with…

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Wake Up Call! – Cherished Friends

February 19, 20170

CHERISHED FRIENDS Cherished friends are to be cherished! I’ve just spent a few days with several cherished friends. The kind of friends for whom explanations are unnecessary, whose love and…

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Wake Up Call? – Mindful Choices

February 12, 20170

MINDFUL CHOICES Your compulsive thoughts are an opportunity to refocus and be mindful I woke up feeling anxiety about what needed to get done that day. It felt all consuming.…

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Wake Up Call! – The Gift of Presence

February 5, 20170

THE GIFT OF PRESENCE Giving of your time and heart is a gift of presence. When we getting ready to move into a new house my husband’s aunt said, “My…

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Wake Up Call! – Are You Getting or Growing?

January 29, 20170

ARE YOU GETTING OR GROWING? Are you getting or growing? It was an impassioned conversation. My friend recounted a life of enormous success in his twenties and thirties accompanied by…

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Wake Up Call! – Anonymous Kindness

January 22, 20170

ANONYMOUS KINDNESS Anonymous acts of kindness are the mark of a generous heart. I had a surprising memory of a family whom I knew when I was growing up. The…

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