Wake Up Call! – New Year’s Courage To You!

December 31, 20170

NEW YEAR’S COURAGE TO YOU!! A happy, healthy and blessed New Year to you and to all whom you love! Above all I wish you courage in the year ahead!…

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Wake Up Call! – Unexamined Assumptions

May 21, 20170

uNEXAMINED ASSUMPTIONS Unexamined assumptions keep you from surprising wonder! A friend and I were spending a few days together and several people suggested we visit an exhibit of an artist…

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Wake Up Call! – How’s Your Bridge Of Gratitude?

May 14, 20170

How’s Your BRIDGE OF GRATITUDE? Gratitude is more than a one way street. About a year ago I was driving to the airport to meet my cousin who was arriving…

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Wake Up Call! – How’s Your Relationship With Time?

May 7, 20170

How’s Your relationship with time? Create your relationship with time rather than assuming it controls you. I was looking forward to a phone meeting with my editor yet felt stressed…

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Wake Up Call! – Distracted or Present?

April 30, 20170

DISTRACTED OR PRESENT? Life is richer when you choose to be fully present! A friend of mine was animated as she told me about the pact that she and a…

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Wake Up Call? – Do You Star Gaze?

April 23, 20170

Do YOU Star Gaze? When you star gaze you open yourself to grandeur and awe! My trips back home to Southern Africa always include star gazing. I go outside at…

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Wake Up Call! – Thankful!

April 16, 20170

THANKFUL! Thank you is the beginning of a life of gratitude. Decades ago I was struggling greatly with several personal and work issues. One day I was sitting with my…

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Wake Up Call! – Listen To Be Amazed!

April 9, 20170

TO LISTEN IS TO BE AMAZED To listen is to be amazed! I began my morning walk as I always do with a practice of being mindful about my breath,…

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Wake Up Call! – The Gift of Time

April 2, 20170

THE GIFT OF TIME Who you choose to give your time to reflects what you value. I often think of the five days my husband and I spent in the…

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Wake Up Call! – We Are Family?

March 26, 20170

WE ARE FAMILY? How you think about family influences how you live, act and think. I grew up thinking my family was normal! Holiday meals often included people who might…

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