Fear, Refugees & Values on FOX

DECEMBER 5, 2015


How do our fears and values collide or connect as a nation of refugees and immigrants?

I’ve tried to make sense of it all in this opinion piece  – Fear, ISIS and the American Way: A refugee’s reflections on 35 years in the United States – drawing on my experience of coming to the USA in 1980; a time of competing fears in which the impulse of American hospitality, generosity and welcoming of immigrants, exiles and strangers was robust.

You can read it by clicking here. The FOX audience offers highly opinionated and lively responses – please join the conversation by adding your comments on the FOX website.  If you can, please share the piece on your social media.

Here’s to a holiday season of lavish generosity of spirit to you and all whom you love,


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Written by Robert Taylor

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