Praise for A New Way to Be Human

deepak-chopraDeepak Chopra
Author, Spiritual Solutions: Answer to Life’s Greatest Challenges

“Robert Taylor shares his remarkable life story in his book, A New Way to Be Human. He eloquently illustrates that when we have the courage to open our hearts we are capable of living an authentic life of gratitude.”

desmond-tutuDesmond M. Tutu
Nobel Peace Laureate

“This book will become well thumbed as you return to it time and time again to be reminded of what is essential to your journey: that God longs for us to be people of love and compassion.  “This is a timely book, inviting us to return to values that ground and shape our life. What footprint will you leave in this world? We cannot each do everything, but this book reminds us that we can each do something in making the world a more just, compassionate and loving place! Robert V. Taylor’s book is a guide to a lifelong journey of discovering that we are made for oneness.

“In a time when people are hungrily searching for values and meaning, this book will repeatedly inspire and draw you deeper and deeper into a spirituality of love and compassion for Creation, the human family and yourself.”

Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of A Book of Miracles and Love, Medicine & Miracles

“Read Robert’s words and grow, bloom and blossom.”

“The wisdom of the ages is available to us from many sources. Robert V. Taylor shares his story and the lessons he has learned and makes this wisdom easy to understand through practical lessons and experiences. He is a wounded healer and in love’s service only the wounded healer can serve. So read his words and grow, bloom and blossom.”

helen-gayleHelene Gayle
CEO and President of CARE

“In this ever increasingly complex and fast paced world, finding balance and wholeness in life often seems like an elusive quest…but Robert shows us that this place is not very far at all, and in fact, we can stop tinkering around the edges of our lives immediately and tap into our most authentic self.“

“Robert’s book is a refreshing, honest and straightforward approach to capturing that sense of wholeness and humanness. This book gives tangible ways to start looking at your own life story for clues about who you truly are.

chely-wrightChely Wright
Country singer and author of Like Me.

“Stop whatever you’re doing, and read A New Way to Be Human immediately. This book gave me new lenses for viewing the world, and instead of feeling pessimistic about my times, I now see my culture and fellow inhabitants in all of their beautiful, promising potential.”

“This book transcends religious traditions and speaks directly to the heart, helping me personally take stock of my life story, and define what a life of true compassion looks like. This is a book we all need.”