A New Way to Be Human:
7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive
(New Page Books)

The Book

Like his mentor, Desmond Tutu, Robert is no stranger to heartrending fear. But in his new book, A New Way to be Human, he shares how his choices allow him to move from fear into a life of enormous compassion and impact.

Part self-help and spiritual guidebook and part remarkable life story, A New Way to Be Human is divided into seven chapters or pathways (“Risky Invitations”, “Hairpin Curves of Life” “At Home in Your Heart” etc.) with practical tools to guide the reader’s journey. In addition to life-changing stories from Robert’s life and those of others, readers learn to dig into the wisdom revealed in their own lives, break through personal difficulties and live as active participants in their life and the world.

A New Way to Be Human is a timely, generous and life-changing book that will resonate with fans of Deepak Chopra, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle. It beckons those who are ready to explore a new way to be human to live lives of well-being, compassion and greater connectedness.

A New Way to Be Human – rave reviews:

“Robert Taylor shares his remarkable life story…He eloquently illustrates that when we have the courage to open our hearts we are capable of living an authentic life of gratitude.” Deepak Chopra, best-selling author

“Reading Robert’s story you will become inspired to move beyond your own difficulties into a life of deeper purpose.Jonathan Klein, CEO, Getty Images

“A refreshing, honest and straightforward approach to capturing that sense of wholeness and humanness.” Helene Gayle, CEO & President of CARE

“For anyone craving authenticity, but may not know exactly what the ‘real them’ looks like…this is exactly the book you need. I chuckled and got choked up reading Robert’s colorful and life-inspiring stories.” Elizabeth Wiatt, co-founder of Fashionology and philanthropist.

“Everyone who has ever wondered ‘why am I here’ should read this book.” Trevor Neilson, President, Global Philanthropy Group.

“A must have for anyone on a spiritual path…In a time when people are searching for values and meaning, this book will repeatedly inspire and draw you deeper and deeper into love and compassion for Creation, the human family and yourself.Desmond M. Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

“Read Robert’s words and grow, blossom and bloom.” Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

“Stop whatever you are doing, and read A New Way to Be Human immediately.” Chely Wright, Country Singer

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The Book Trailer

Here is the official book trailer for Robert V. Taylor’s bestselling book, A New Way to Be Human.Watch it today and share it with your friends on social media. Then order a copy and as you read it enjoy the journey!

Robert V. Taylor – A New Way to Be Human book trailer

Robert V. Taylor on Tour

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