Praise for
A New Way to Be Human
(New Page Books, April 2012)


Deepak Chopra“Robert Taylor shares his remarkable life story in his book, A New Way to Be Human. He eloquently illustrates that when we have the courage to open our hearts we are capable of living an authentic life of gratitude.”

Deepak Chopra
Author, Spiritual Solutions: Answer to Life’s Greatest Challenges

“This book will become well thumbed as you return to it time and time again to be reminded of what is essential to your journey: that God longs for us to be people of love and compassion.”

Desmond M. Tutu
Nobel Peace Laureate

Archbishop Tutu adds:

“This is a timely book, inviting us to return to values that ground and shape our life. What footprint will you leave in this world? We cannot each do everything, but this book reminds us that we can each do something in making the world a more just, compassionate and loving place! Robert V. Taylor’s book is a guide to a lifelong journey of discovering that we are made for oneness.

“In a time when people are hungrily searching for values and meaning, this book will repeatedly inspire and draw you deeper and deeper into a spirituality of love and compassion for Creation, the human family and yourself.”

“Read Robert’s words and grow, bloom and blossom.”

Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of A Book of Miracles and Love, Medicine & Miracles

Bernie Siegel adds:

“The wisdom of the ages is available to us from many sources. Robert V. Taylor shares his story and the lessons he has learned and makes this wisdom easy to understand through practical lessons and experiences. He is a wounded healer and in love’s service only the wounded healer can serve. So read his words and grow, bloom and blossom.”

Helene Gayle“In this ever increasingly complex and fast paced world, finding balance and wholeness in life often seems like an elusive quest…but Robert shows us that this place is not very far at all, and in fact, we can stop tinkering around the edges of our lives immediately and tap into our most authentic self.“

Helene Gayle
CEO and President of CARE

Dr. Gayle adds,

“Robert’s book is a refreshing, honest and straightforward approach to capturing that sense of wholeness and humanness. This book gives tangible ways to start looking at your own life story for clues about who you truly are.

Jonathan Klein“Reading [Robert’s] story, and particularly the life challenges he was able to overcome, you will become inspired to move beyond your own difficulties into a life of deeper purpose.”

Jonathan Klein
CEO of Getty Images

Jonathan Klein also adds,

“Spending time with Robert is always an uplifting and special experience for me. By writing this wonderful book, Robert invites us into his presence and makes it possible to experience his unique humanity, wisdom, intellect, compassion and kindness. “

Elizabeth Wiatt“A New Way to Be Human by Robert V. Taylor could not be a more timely guide. Every day, I hear from people who are looking for more peace and wholeness in their lives, and now I know just what to hand them. For anyone craving authenticity, but may not know exactly what the ‘real them’ looks like … this is exactly the book you need. I chuckled and got choked up reading Robert’s colorful and inspiring life stories.”

Elizabeth Wiatt
Environmentalist, Philanthropist & Co-Founder of Fashionology

Robert V. Taylor & Chely Wright“Stop whatever you’re doing, and read A New Way to Be Human immediately. This book gave me new lenses for viewing the world, and instead of feeling pessimistic about my times, I now see my culture and fellow inhabitants in all of their beautiful, promising potential.”

Chely Wright
Country & Western singer and author of Like Me.

Chely Wright goes on to add,

“This book transcends religious traditions and speaks directly to the heart, helping me personally take stock of my life story, and define what a life of true compassion looks like. This is a book we all need to read.”

Trevor Neilson“At a time when many struggle to find authentic meaning in their lives, Robert Taylor has given us a guide. Well written, humble and powerful, A New Way to Be Human is a roadmap for a life well-lived. Everyone who has ever wondered ‘why am I here?’ should read this book.”

Trevor Neilson
President, Global Philanthropy Group

Nora Gallagher“If you are searching to create a holistic spiritual framework of love, compassion, justice and mercy, this book will become a wondrous companion. It is a glorious invitation to the spiritual quest.”

Nora Gallagher
Author of Practicing Resurrection, Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith, and Changing Light

Nora Gallagher suggests that,

“If you are searching for the courage to cross the lines and boundaries drawn around your life, or daring to claim your God-given lyrical voice, this book will become indispensable to opening up your spiritual quest. Robert V. Taylor gracefully draws you more deeply into the heart of Love and Compassion as the markers of any spiritual quest. It is a compelling reminder that love and hope are discovered in the ordinariness of living with courage and conviction.”

Irwin Kula“No matter who you are or what you believe this book will change your life – discover how transforming it is to see the world through eyes of love, a heart of compassion, a mind of wisdom and a spirit of wonder!”

Rabbi Irwin Kula
Author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life

Gloria_Burgess“A New Way to Be Human is a majestic, powerful work. Grounded in the rich legacy of Ubuntu, Robert invites us into a wondrous landscape, a realm governed by gratitude, compassion, and mercy, a world where grace reigns.”

Dr. Gloria J. Burgess
Bestselling author of Legacy Living and Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside: Live Your Legacy NOW.

Mitchell Gold“This is the ideal book for someone like me and many others I know – Those who don’t consider themselves religious, but aspire to want to live meaningful, compassionate, and impactful lives. Robert gives us a framework for leading that kind of life — one that is true to my nature. His is among the first books that doesn’t just make me admire the author, but makes ME want to be bolder.”

Mitchell Gold
is Co-Founder of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Furniture Design and Founder of Faith in America

“In Robert’s redemption and liberation we hear a call to redeem and liberate the whole human family. Soak it in. Then live it out.”

Robin R. Meyers
Author of The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus

Tracey Lind“This is a book that I’m going to keep on that special shelf in my study where I turn for inspiration when I need encouragement, hope when I’m despairing, and courage when I’m feeling scared. Robert’s wisdom challenges us to face the obstacles and possibilities of our lives with courage, conviction and humor: I am without a doubt recommending this book to fellow seekers who come my way.”

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind,
Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph-Girzone“I have never read a book quite like it. This book is a treasure.”

Joseph F. Girzone
Author of the Joshua series

Joe Girzone also says:

“What a book! Robert V. Taylor has lived a life in which he was confronted with extremely stressful situations many times. Through it all he was forced to find solutions to problems he never thought he would have to face. In the process he accumulated a vast understanding of the stretchablity of the human personality and its resilience in adjusting to difficult circumstances.”

paula clapp“This is a book that I keep as a companion to my daily prayers and reflection.”

Paula Clapp
Co-Founder of Global Partnerships

Paula Clapp adds that,

“In a time when we are all searching for meaning in our life, A New Way to Be Human draws the reader in, expanding our thinking, opening our hearts, helping us discover our connection to one another. He shares his own personal struggles and weaves together many spiritual practices and traditions to help us enrich our own personal journey. Robert V. Taylor’s underlying message is to treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.”

Ric Merrifield“Taylor offers rich context, comfort, and guidance for those who want to move forward down the path of defining the role spirituality can play in leading an ethical life.”

Ric Merrifield
Author of Rethink: A business manifesto for cutting costs and boosting innovation

“Our great challenge in life is to be ourselves instead of perpetually trying to be someone else. Robert Taylor’s book helps us meet this challenge head-on, with compassion and grace.”

Eric Elnes
Author, The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision for the Future of Christian Faith

Margaret Larson“Perfect for our times! Robert’s writings bring together the best lessons from the world’s many faith traditions, applying them to modern life in a way that is profound and meaningful.”

Margaret Larson
Documentary Producer and Emmy Award journalist for The Today Show and Dateline

Louie Crew“If seminaries and other graduate schools ever get around to offering courses in Imagination, this book needs to be required reading at every level. “

Louie Crew
Founder of Integrity USA, the voice for LGBT inclusion in the Episcopal Church and retired professor of English Literature, Rutgers University

Louie Crew also says,

“To churches that offer endless arguments about who is eligible for God’s love, Robert V. Taylor offers the intimate, vibrant conversation that Jesus offered to Lazarus whom he raised from the dead.”

Paul Donoghue“A very wise and lovely book.”

Paul J. Donoghue, SM, PhD.
Author of Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired: Living With Invisible Chronic Illness and Are you Really Listening? Keys to Successful Communication

Paul Donoghue goes on to say:

“Religion invites exclusivity. Robert V. Taylor invites his readers to the inclusion message of love which unites us. He draws from his personal history and from a profound awareness of humanity’s common quest for the Creator who resides in creation and in each of us.”

Ginny Hutchinson“A fascinating book that makes you see spirituality in a fresh and honest way. A wonderful book for getting life on track to lead a fulfilling life.”

Ginny Hutchinson
Author of Better Because of You.

Rabbi-Daniel-Weiner“A worthy contribution to the emerging canon of spiritual self-awareness toward a common good.”

“A noted mystic once taught that we, each one of us, is the ultimate sacred text. Robert Taylor gleans from the profound lessons of his personal experience the universal virtues and transcendent aspirations that will be essential for the ultimate transformation of our selves, and thus our world. “

Rabbi Daniel A. Weiner
Author of Good God: Faith for the Rest of Us

Chris Glaser“This book is like having your own spiritual director at the ready to lead you, one who is kind, empathetic, and experienced. Refreshingly, this guide is not “religious” … it is written for all who are interested in a spiritual path that fully embraces life.”

Chris Glaser
Author of The Final Deadline: What Death Has Taught Me About Life.

andy-himes-silver“This is spiritual magic, sweet as a ripe red strawberry.”

Andrew Himes
Voices in Wartime editor, Voices Education Project Founder

Andrew Himes also says:

“Robert V. Taylor’s new book is an excursion among the million ways in which we can re-imagine the divine and how each of us undertakes a unique spiritual journey through darkness to light, and how our hearts are broken open to love and compassion.”

Judy Piggot“Robert’s writing is personal, potent and provocative.”

Judy Pigott
Co-Author of Personal Safety Nets: Getting Ready for Life’s Inevitable Changes and Challenges

Judy Pigott adds,

“Robert weaves together a roadmap to engage any searcher. Readers will emerge from the currents of his narrative with questions and ideas as well as a few – or many – answers that work for them. “

“A New Way to Be Human is a bold and invigorating invitation to imagine a new path into our deepest, most spiritual core. Robert V. Taylor invites us to honor the “dignity of difference” within our common humanity… The reader knows she is on a special encounter. Slowly reflect and savor the wisdom of this book.”

Dr. Judy Mayotte
Marquette University and author of Disposable People? The Plight of Refugees

Judy Mayotte also says,

“Through recognizing that humankind traverses many pathways to the Holy, Robert V. Taylor invites us to repair the world, heal creation, and transform the ways we live and act with one another. We learn to leave footprints and “holy sparks of light” that build and create, renew and restore ourselves, our humanity, and our world. Slowly reflect and savor the wisdom of A New Way to Be Human.”

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