Robert V. Taylor Newsletter – Reacting to Aurora

July 25, 2012

I’m in Denver where the mood is a complex mix of sorrow, resignation, withdrawal , disbelief and hesitancy among other things.

If you are looking for tools on how to respond to the grief and trauma of Aurora I hope my Huffington Post blog will be helpful – Respond to Your Aurora Grief and Trauma

In Aurora – No More! – I suggest a new civil dialog on gun control. This blog on Huffington Post has generated lively conversation that I invite you to add your voice to.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.

Look for news next week about the exciting new Book Club Discussion Kit for A New Way to Be Human!

Yours for the journey, Robert

A New Way to Be Human is available in hard copy and as an e-reader at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and at Indie bookstores.

Written by Robert Taylor

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