Wake Up Call! – A Busy of Full Life?

A Busy or full life?

Is your life “busy” or “full”?

I often describe my life as full – filled with a wonderful spouse, treasured relationships, satisfying work and finding delight in at least something most days. When I’m stressed or overwhelmed I default to talking about how busy I am. An article caused me to pause and think about these two different frameworks for how I describe and experience life.

Will I choose to be mindful about the fullness of life or be trapped in the busyness?

Each description frames my experience of every moment differently. Of course I can have busy days but if that’s my descriptor of the day it crowds out the fullness.

In choosing to name and celebrate the fullness of life busyness gets placed in a more life-giving context. How will you describe your life today – busy or full? 


  • Be aware of choosing a life that is busy or full
  • Practice describing the fullness of your life

Notice how a full life, amidst whatever difficulties exist, in an embrace of life itself.

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Written by Robert Taylor