Wake Up Call! – A Candle in the Darkness?


When I light a candle to the darkness I say “No” to it and claim the light.

Human acts of carnage and terror are an emotional juggernaut. In my heart and tears I experience empathy with victims and their loved ones. My anger at the perpetrators is mixed with sadness and questions I cannot answer.

I can choose to remain consumed by those reactions or I can participate in banishing the darkness.

In lighting a candle I deny power to the darkness and instead join the goodness and light of the Holy and so many.

The result is a renewal of what centers me. Against shadowy rash judgments, stereotyping, hatred and lust for revenge I’m reminded that a life of compassion, oneness and justice invites different responses. In that moment I am awake to opportunities to join others in affirming the light discovered in every action and word of ours.


Responding to tragedy:

  • Light a candle saying “No” to the dark and “Yes” to the light

  • Be awake to what your emotions and reactions reveal

  • Join your words and acts with those of others to participate in goodness and light

Notice how your authentic responses to acts of tragedy expand your heart of compassion and oneness with others.

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©2013 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor