Wake Up Call! – A New Year Intention



Greet the New Year with intention about expanding your heart of love.

My sweeping New Year resolutions were made with a wink knowing that they would be ephemeral. And so I stopped making them. But something was missing – the start of a New Year presented an invitation to recalibrate my journey or the year ahead.

Instead of being mired in the debris of failed resolutions I chose to make an intentional commitment to a practice for the year ahead.

This year it was daily reflection or meditation on my chosen word for the year, Awe.

It resulted in new appreciation for the wonder and magnificence discovered in others and nature expanding my gratitude for being part of the grandeur of the Universe. For the year ahead I choose to expand my heart and consciousness of love and trust (read more here). What will you choose?


  • Choose a daily practice for the year to incorporate into your routine

  • Be grateful for the invitation it offers you

  • Begin each day with intention about your practice

Notice the new consciousness and expanded heart that your year of intention offers.

Share a story about your New Year intention here.

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Written by Robert Taylor