Wake Up Call! – A Resurfaced Fear


A resurfaced fear is an invitation to move beyond fear.

My body was tense and I could feel the anxiety growing within me as I drove over a snowy mountain pass this week. The road was bare and safe but I had flashbacks of totaling my truck after losing control of it on black ice last year. I wished I were not driving.

The fear felt immobilizing but I had a choice to succumb to it or not.

The flashbacks were vivid and real. As I breathed deeply and took in the landscape I realized that the shimmering surface on the road was water and not black ice. I smiled at my fear acknowledging it while knowing that I was not re-living the day of the accident.

The result is a reminder that my fears are usually an invitation to learn from them. I’ll probably always be cautious driving in snow but I choose to not be defined by the fear. As the anxiety lessened I began to appreciate the awe of the snow covered trees and mountains.


When a fear resurfaces:

  • Acknowledge the emotions it surfaces

  • Pay attention to what it reveals about the past and the present

  • What choices will you make to live beyond the fear?

Notice how detaching from a fear allows you to be present to the Holy in and around you today.

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Written by Robert Taylor