Wake Up Call! – A Shared Path?


We’re all walking the path of life but each at our own pace.

On one of my favorite hiking trails this week I was mesmerized by the hikers I passed. There were the friendly ones, those with eyes cast downward, the people flashing a great smile, some seemingly oblivious to everything but their headphones, the studious avoiders of eye contact, the dog lovers, the physically challenged, the determined and not so determined and even the sole blaster of loud music.

Were we each making choices that morning or acting as we might in most places?

At first I’d been curious as to why some people appeared so determined to not return a “Hello” on the trail. Paying attention to my fellow hikers I realized the only thing I could do was notice and be responsible for my interactions, responses and enjoyment.

The only takeaway I could understand was mine. I left the trail feeling like I’d had a cleansing of my mind, connection with the scrabbly earth, some awe and invigorated. And new gratitude for my fellow hikers each walking the trail at their own pace and with their own style.


  • Be aware of your own walk and journey with life
  • Be attentive to how others walk and make that journey

Notice the gratitude you feel for the shared path.

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©2016 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor