Wake Up Call! – Acts of Caring


A simple act of caring changes the day and illuminates the world with kindness.

I was recently with friends of mine, some of whom were meeting each other for the first time. Johan lives with unexpected physical challenges that affect his mobility. I noticed two friends in the group intuitively being attentive to Johan and offering assistance when he wanted to move or refresh his beverage.

Johan manages a full life but I noticed his appreciative smile in choosing to accept the care of others.

I was struck by the intuitive and reciprocal circle of care between those assisting Johan and Johan hosting an afternoon of lively conversation.

I’m reminded that each gesture of care sends ripple of kindness into the world. Each act of kindness expands the heart of all involved. I wonder what unexpected act of care will invite my attention to today?


  • Be present to the invitation to engage in an act of caring

  • Be aware of the kindness you receive in the care of another

Notice how simple acts of care expand your heart space and that of others, making the world a little kinder today.

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Written by Robert Taylor