Wake Up Call! – Anticipation


Anticipation reveals where your joy is to be found.

I was filled with anticipation. Was I anticipating the trip to Seattle? Was I anticipating the party I’d be attending there? The trip and the event were something to look forward to but something else was going on inside of me.

Instead of brushing my anticipation aside I needed to choose to pay attention to it.

In my attentiveness I realized that I kept visualizing the faces of dear friends I would be seeing. That was it! My anticipation was about the friends who nourish my life and my spirit.

I found myself naming the joy that exists with treasured friends and looking forward to the laughter, silliness and rich conversations that mark those friendships. Anticipation was reminding me of one of the anchors of my life. What does anticipation look like for you?


  • Be attentive to what your anticipation reveals
  • Name the deeply satisfying joy it reminds you of

Notice who and what nourishes your spirit and life.

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©2015 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor