Wake Up Call! – Authentically You


Fear about your authentic self is an invitation to new life discovered on the edge of your fears.

I spoke at a writer’s conference about fears I confronted in revealing my authentic self on the printed page. A story that I easily shared in public with others was scary to commit to print. It was a common touchstone for most of those in the room as they spoke freely of their own fears.

I could have allowed my fears to hold me back but instead chose to see them as an invitation to a life of deeper connection with myself and others.

I feared that a personal story might be misconstrued or convey self-absorption. What was my motivation; was a story too raw or unresolved to share? Real fears insisting on my attention.

I’ve discovered that when I can tell a story without needing to explain it there is a new authenticity about my life. A new authenticity in connecting with others emerges.


  • Listen to the fears about telling part of your story

  • Engage them and test your story with trusted people

Notice new levels of authenticity in your interactions with others as you become free to tell your story.

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