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Authenticity is discovered in integrating the fullness of your story.

I’ve been working with some executives on how to live more authentic and integrated lives. One of the group, Hector, unexpectedly offered this insight – “I’m stressed by keeping my work demands and family life in separate buckets.”

He could have chosen to ignore this new awareness but instead chose a path of weaving together the many elements of his life.

With a new practice of mindfulness Hector has begun to pay attention to how the stories of his personal and work life shape who he is. The old wall separating them is being dismantled, replaced by a more seamless story.

The result is that Hector has begun to speak about the fears, joys, mistakes and successes of his life. The stories have opened up a new consciousness of how the different spheres of his life are inter-connected. He expresses awe at his new discovery of choosing to be vulnerable and authentic about the fullness of his life.


In your quest for authenticity:

  • Choose to own the fullness of your story

  • Invite awareness of how the stories of each part of your life shine light on one another

Notice how authenticity enlivens your relationships

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