Wake Up Call! – Be Amazed!


Amazement is the great clarifier of what matters!

I’m remembering a particular day of excitement at Disneyland as we all gathered at an outdoor restaurant. One of my nephews sprawled out on his back with his head in my lap and started to recount all that he had loved the most that day. It was a long list!

Enchanted by his amazement it was all that mattered.

Of course having him pilot me on the Dumbo ride was special and his singing all the way through “It’s a Small World After All” was memorable. But it was his awe and amazement that lingers.

After our trip I thought of all the curmudgeons so frequently encountered and the pressures we succumb to each day. All as if they are normal. But what if amazement is the normal? By whom and by what will you be amazed today?


  • Invite amazement to your consciousness
  • Be attentive to someone, something that amazes you today

Notice how your life is clarified by amazement

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Written by Robert Taylor