Wake Up Call! – Beyond Fearing Fear


Years ago my fears of coming out fully as a gay man were debilitating. The threat of being outed resulted in waking up to night sweats night after night. It was a gift of a wake-up call to me. After years of leading institutions that were intentional about their inclusivity and diversity I was faced with claiming my full place in the human family by coming out.

I could have chosen to remain in a half-out world but instead chose to embrace a life of wholeness and integrity.

The myriad fears of losing my job and being rejected in my work were revealed to be a squelched way of living. The dehumanizing power of fearing fear offers a choice to remain its captive or to name it for the sham it is.

The result has been a way of life in which the freedom to name and honor the many parts of who I am, including my sexuality and life with my spouse, have brought me more fully alive. Beyond the fear of fear is an invitation to a more authentic way of being.


To become free of your fear of fear:

  • Name the fear and talk about it with trusted mentors or guides

  • Imagine your life set free from what you fear

  • Act on your fear and diminish its power

Notice how your fear of fear was greater than the thing you feared and that beyond it your life and magnificence become more fully alive.

Share your experiences of moving beyond fearing fear here.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor