Wake Up Call – Contagious Happiness



When you do something that makes you happy your happiness is contagious.

I wondered if I really had time for the hike I wanted to take. I was convincing myself that tasks to be done could only be accomplished if I let go of the hike. I could feel my frustration growing!

I could have chosen to prioritize my personal task list but chose to be attentive to why I needed to hike.

At the head of the trail I wondered if I should have stayed home. Then I began to notice the enjoyment of the other hikers I passed and settled in to listening to my breath and taking in the beauty around me. I smiled at myself for having made this choice so agonizing!

That evening over a meal with friends I was asked why I seemed so happy. As I spoke about the hike others started to talk about a particular happiness in their day. What choices will you make about doing that which spreads happiness?


  • Be mindful of the choices you make each day

  • Be aware of who and what makes you happy

Notice how happiness choices enliven you and others.

Share a story about happiness here.

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