Wake Up Call! – Dethrone Your Inner Critic



Dethrone your inner critic and open your life to the positive energy of the Universe.

For years I thought it was normal behavior to be harsh on myself – my work wasn’t good enough, I could have done more for another person, my comments could have been phrased more clearly. The inner critic was running amok. This was not normal!

I made a choice to dethrone the inner critic.

I began to think of the inner critic as a monkey on my shoulder who delighted in tripping me up and keeping me from my own life and joy. The monkey’s comments from my shoulder did not have to be internalized or owned.

It was a simple yet life-changing new construct. I began to walk through the world differently. I discovered the life-giving energy of being kinder, gentler and more loving to myself and therefore to others. What needs to be dethroned in your life?


  • Be mindful of what keeps you from the life-giving energy of the Universe

  • Be willing to dethrone it

Notice how dethroning what keeps you from your fullest self liberates your life.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor