Wake Up Call! – Distracted or Present?


Life is richer when you choose to be fully present!

A friend of mine was animated as she told me about the pact that she and a small group of friends have for their monthly meal out together. They put their phones and tablets aside and the first person to breach the agreement is obligated to pick up the tab for the entire group. She said “It works! No one is distracted by texts or email; we’re just completely there for one another!”

My friend and her group have made a choice that places a high value on one another.

Their particular choice about phones or tablets may not be the right choice for you but their choice was about infinitely more than a gadget. They just do not want to be distracted from one another!

The result of choosing to put aside your own distractions, even placing them in a virtual worry bowl for an hour or two, is liberating. How will you and I choose to put aside distractions in order to be present to another person?


  • Make a choice to be fully present to someone today
  • Be aware of the difference this makes in your encounter

Notice how much richer your life is when you choose to be present.

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©2016 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor