Wake Up Call! – Do Not Assume!



My assumptions about others may not be about them at all.

I was puzzled by my colleague Beth – she’d promised to record a message about a program that was dear to her heart. Each reminder was responded to positively but nothing was ever recorded. My assumption that she had an unspoken issue made me feel uncomfortable.

I could choose to feel unpleasant about my assumption or find out what had happened.

When we spoke Beth said, “I’ve been feeling so bad. I thought I knew how to record a video on my phone but every time I tried something got messed up. I felt incompetent and then my ex-husband started becoming abusive and I only had energy to deal with that.” Now I felt bad for Beth!

My assumption had offered negative energy. Our conversation was a reminder that our best intentions are interrupted by life. When my assumptions are challenged, explored and released I am grounded in the positive energy of the Universe.


  • Be aware of your assumptions and the negative energy they can invite

  • Choose to be present to positive energy with others.

Notice the freedom of living beyond assumptions.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor