Wake Up Call? – Do You Star Gaze?

Do YOU Star Gaze?

When you star gaze you open yourself to grandeur and awe!

My trips back home to Southern Africa always include star gazing. I go outside at night to lie on my back on the ground and be caught up in the vastness and beauty of the Southern Sky. It is mesmerizing. Then I’d be back home longing to be able to star gaze again on my next trip to Africa.

But it didn’t have to be that way – I had a choice to make!

Why wasn’t I marveling at the beauty and grandeur of the Northern Sky? Why was I excluding myself from such gladness and awe?

Now I simply choose to enjoy the night sky wherever I am and whenever I can. The beauty reminds me of the clarifying power of darkness and the light seems to always delight. What star gazing will you and I do this week?


  • Be present to the beauty of the sky
  • Be aware of the grandeur and awe

Notice how the simple choice to marvel at any beauty around you affects your spirit.

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Written by Robert Taylor