Wake Up Call! – Evict Your Inner Squatter!


To cling to real or imagined hurts is to choose to be a squatter in your own life.

Someone emailed me to say I’d “stiffed” him many years ago. “I don’t wish to ever hear from you again” he said. Odd, given that we do not usually communicate! Years ago he had asked me to speak to a global figure whom he hoped would speak publicly to an issue he was passionate about.

I could ignore the angry email or find a way to respond.

My sent box had a trail of emails in which I’d confirmed that I had passed on his request. I wrote back reminding him of that and saying I had no control over what issues the global figure chooses to speak to or not. I added that if he’d been angry at me for so long a conversation about that would have been appropriate.

I was struck by how this imagined hurt felt like a lot of baggage to live with. I thought of the times when I had clung to perceived hurts only to realize that doing so made me a squatter in my own life. The baggage always kept me from fully inhabiting my life and living in the present. It invited me to reflect on whether there is any baggage currently keeping me from life today. 


  • Forgive the person who has stiffed or slighted you
  • Be aware of the baggage that keeps you from being present to your own life

Notice how forgiving and letting go allows you to evict the squatter in your midst.

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Written by Robert Taylor