Wake Up Call! – Forgiveness & Freedom


Forgiveness is a learned path of freedom.

I was at a large public event when someone greeted me like a long lost friend as they tried to hug me. I had recently ended our friendship after a fraught two years in which she had manipulated truth and maligned me at every opportunity. I was stunned by the dissonance of her greeting.

In an instant I had to choose how to respond.

I stepped back holding my hands up and said “I wish you well.” In the preceding weeks I had been practicing detaching from her and our friendship by offering it to the Universe. As I practiced detaching each day my heartfelt desire for her well-being became authentic.

The result was a reminder that my own path to forgiving this person was a process to be worked through. I knew that nursing an open wound was not a healthy choice. Detachment was a first step toward forgiveness. I could not be responsible for her choices or allow myself to be trapped by them. Forgiveness was necessary to my own freedom and well-being.


In practicing forgiveness:

  • Choose authenticity over clichéd solutions

  • Practice detachment from the person

  • Allow yourself to authentically desire their well-being no matter their toxicity

  • Be awake to the freedom that emerges when you forgive

Notice how each act of forgiving another is a learning that renews your place in the world.

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