Wake Up Call! – Freedom in Forgiving


Forgiving is about remembering and choosing not to seek payback. It is a choice to seek freedom.

I ran into someone who had once led a malicious agenda against me that disrupted my life in unexpected ways. Years ago I had chosen to forgive him. The unexpected encounter brought back memories of a bad experience and a desire to say something. His determination to not engage was clear!

I was surprised at the vivid presence of old memories. Without forgetting them I remembered why forgiveness is a recurring choice.

Feeling tenderness for the many whose lives had been affected by his agenda, I offered him to the care of the Universe with intentions for the collective well-being of all affected.

I was reminded that forgiving is a choice to not live as a victim of past injuries; a choice to continue to to be forgiving about a particular circumstance. My step felt lighter and my heart open to the freedom of the future.


  • Will you choose to be consumed by the desire for payback or the freedom of forgiveness?

  • Be aware that your choice affects who you are.

Notice how forgiveness opens your life to new freedom.

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Written by Robert Taylor