Wake Up Call! – Generous Choices


Choosing the path of generous communication offers new openings to being alive.

Charles was in a quandary about a birthday card he’d bought to send to an estranged friend. The message on the inside said, “Missing you”. He had memories of a once important friendship but wasn’t sure that he missed the angry and contentious person his friend had become. He wondered what to do.

He could have chosen to not send the card. Instead he smiled as he put in the mail sending it with a blessing from his heart.

Acknowledging that his own goodwill could not be constrained by the imagined reaction of his friend he said, “I realized that it would be diminishing to not be generous in this simple way.”

The result is that Charles received a new insight into practicing generosity in a seemingly simple everyday act. He chose to allow his own heart space to be rooted in wishing the well-being of another. To his surprise, his once close friend responded with thankfulness for being remembered.


In choosing the way of generous communication:

  • Be present to the everyday choices about how to communicate

  • Choose between closely guarded or generous hearted possibilities

  • Be thankful for something about the life of each person you communicate with

Notice how your experience of life is enlarged when you choose generous communication

Share your experiences of choosing to communicate generously here.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor