Wake Up Call! – Getting to do something?


When I choose to celebrate what I “get to do” versus what I “have to do” my energy is different.

It was unexpected – my spouse and I were going to have twelve friends over for dinner. With twenty four hours’ notice my previously planned activities were upended. I caught myself saying, “Now I’m going to have to plan a menu and we’re going to have to shop and cook.”

Was this how I wanted to approach a rare opportunity to enjoy this grouping of friends together at our home?

Instead of “having” to do anything I reflected on how fortunate and blessed I was to “get to” prepare for our unexpected feast. This shift allowed me to anticipate our shared meal and feel blessed to get to do such things.


In approaching daily tasks:

  • Ask how fortunate you are to “get to” do the simplest of things

  • For the things you “have to” do consider their importance to your humanity

  • Give thanks for the things you “get to” do and the people they involve

Notice how your appreciation for the things you are blessed to get to do expands your spirit, heart and delight.

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