Wake Up Call! – Good & Bad News



The tumble of good and bad news is often an invitation to pause and pay attention.

Jerry and I have felt the excitement mounting for weeks as our Memorial Day weekend wedding approaches. It felt shocking and profoundly sad to learn that one of our best friends was diagnosed with multiple cancers and could not join us. Our tears at this terrible news have been blended together with elation about our marriage.

Each day I choose to pause, breathe deeply and pay attention to what the good and bad news reveal.

Our friend’s news has heightened my awareness that each day is an invitation to name the blessings of those I love.

In the tumble of this week’s good and bad news a signpost is revealed to live in the present. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for each person who can and cannot be with us.


  • Pause, breathe deeply and pay attention to what good or bad news reveals to you.

  • Allow your heart to be filled with loving gratitude.

Notice the surprising gift revealed in news of any kind.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor