Wake Up Call! – Heart Spaces Replacing Fear


The journey from fear to trusting your heart space is an act of courageous love.

Chad said his teenage son was excited and anxious about a school trip to a remote region of a foreign country. “I’d never had a conversation with him about how my spirituality helps me respond to anxiety. I’d always been fearful to speak about my spiritual practices with others” Chad said.

He could have chosen to only address his son’s anxiety but instead chose a heartfelt conversation about his own spiritual practices.

As Chad described his use of meditation moments to center and calm himself he described the ensuing oneness he felt with the Holy in which his anxieties dissipate and new calming clarity is revealed. He was not certain what his son made of this.

The result was that in his son’s blogs about the trip Chad read mentions of the calming power of meditation. “Moving beyond my fears of discussing my spiritual practices allowed me and my son to enter into a new heart space together.” In the ensuing months Chad and his son describe a new authenticity in their relationship. Chad says, “We have been transformed by courageous love.”


In choosing how to live:

  • Invite courage to love generously

  • Be present in safe situations to a trusting heart space

  • Be thankful for choices of moving beyond fear

Notice an enlivened relationship made possible by choices inviting you to courageous love.

Share your experience of moving form feat to an open heart space here.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor