Wake Up Call! – Holiday Delight!


Pausing to take in the delight and beauty of a moment re-calibrates your day.

My three year old nephew Parker is constantly on the go. I was surprised when he said to me. “Uncle Robert let’s sit and look at the Christmas tree!” We had just finished his identifying the gifts under the tree at his grandparents’ home that are for him and his one year old brother.

It was not difficult to choose to follow Parker’s direction!

So we sat on the floor looking up at the tree. “I like the sparkly ones” he said pointing to a slew of ornaments. His little brother had by then joined us and was touching the shiny ornaments within his reach, avoiding the sparkly decorations. “He likes the other ones” Parker observed.

As we delighted in the beauty of the decorated tree Parker’s joy and pleasure was evident and the concerns of the day gave way to being present to that moment. As his young brother reached for a Candy Cane Parker jumped up and said, “We can’t eat those.” We had savored our delight! 


  • What delight and beauty will you be present to today?
  • Appreciate the moment for the gift that it is.

Notice how your day is redefined by the delight and beauty around you.

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Written by Robert Taylor