Wake Up Call! – Honor Someone


Honor and acknowledge someone today.

I recently attended a packed event to honor a woman who is a pioneer in her field. She sat next to the podium gazing out at the audience with a glazed smile etched on her face as her daughters spoke about her remarkable life. She was silent. None of us knew if she was processing the laudatory remarks about her.

Sitting there I wondered how often our choice of inaction results in honoring others when it is too late.

In the weeks since I’ve been thinking of the people in my life to be celebrated and acknowledged for their humor or compassion, for being remarkable parents or siblings, for gathering people around meals and good conversation, for being a loyal friend or colleague. And the list goes on!

So who will I honor today with words of gratitude and appreciation for who they are? Because tomorrow or next week may be too late.


  • In your quiet or meditation time invite yourself to name those whom you appreciate
  • Express your gratitude to each person for whom they are

Notice how honoring others invites a life of gratitude.

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Written by Robert Taylor