Wake Up Call! – How’s Your Relationship With Time?

How’s Your relationship with time?

Create your relationship with time rather than assuming it controls you.

I was looking forward to a phone meeting with my editor yet felt stressed about juggling that with going to my nephew’s game. I was about to say, “I have to get to my nephew’s T-Ball game by ten o’clock so we’ll have to be done by nine-thirty.”  I paused; is that really what I wanted to communicate?

I have a choice at every moment about wanting to use my time versus having to use my time in a specific way.

So I emailed her, “So looking forward to our phone meeting but want to give you a heads up that I want to be at my nephew’s T-ball game that begins at ten.”  The instant response was “Of course you do! We can be done within an hour.”

It felt liberating! I was reminded how different my sense of time is when I replace want with have – “I have to cook dinner” with “I want to cook dinner.”  How do you want your relationship with time to be


  • Say out aloud to yourself that you want to do something on your schedule
  • Practice saying to others what you want to do instead of what you have to do

Notice your changing relationship with time when you no longer let it control.

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Written by Robert Taylor