Wake Up Call! – Human Goodness!


Human goodness is all around us; are we attentive to it?

Walking to a meeting in New York I noticed two elderly women on a sidewalk with their bodies like human shields around a disheveled man sprawled on the ground. It appeared that the man lived on the streets. Pedestrians paused to look at what was happening.

I wondered why these two women had chosen to keep this vigil.

I asked if I could be helpful. One said, ”Oh, no; we’ve already borrowed a cell phone to call 911.” Then added, “Until they arrive we just want to make sure he’s still breathing and unharmed.” As I went on my way I felt thankful for the human goodness I’d just witnessed.

In the days since then I’ve noticed that I’m more attentive to the goodness of others. What goodness will you or I offer today? What goodness will we notice?


  • Be attentive to the goodness of others
  • Be sure to tell about the goodness you witness

Notice how the goodness of others

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Written by Robert Taylor