Wake Up Call! – In Time of Trauma


Times of trauma can only be lived through with a community of support.

I’ve been surprised this week by the depth of my emotions and reactions to the massacre of primarily Puerto Rican and Latino LGBT people in Orlando Florida. Like so many people I’ve lived and worked in situations of trauma, I’ve felt profoundly for victims of mass shootings, fires, earthquakes, floods and more.

Would I choose pay attention to my feelings and reactions or ignore them?

As I talked with friends about my sense of inconsolable grief I realized I was feeling profoundly connected with people who could not feel safe for whatever reason – their gender, immigrant status, or religion. I knew all too well that feelings of being unsafe are the norm for many gay and lesbian people, immigrants and others.

Then I remembered that in unsafe or traumatic times it was always a sense of community – or communities – that gets most of us through and onto the other side. It felt like a much needed balm. Will you and I be aware of our communities of support?


  • Pay attention to what your emotions and reactions are pointing to
  • Be connected to a community of support

Notice how your community or communities of support help you to find grace, redeeming moments and hope.

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Written by Robert Taylor