Wake Up Call! – Inspired!


The qualities in others that inspire me are a reminder to be attentive to what grounds me.

This week I’ve reflected on two people who inspire me. One is an elderly woman who is filled with gratitude for the simplest things in this slower season of her life. The other is the Dalai Lama who celebrated his birthday. His compassion and kindness are food for my soul.

Instead of only being thankful for them I chose to reflect on why they inspire me so greatly.

The gratitude, compassion and kindness they exude reflect the life they choose to live. They each do so in the midst of knowing disruption and turmoil.

It’s resulted in new attention to the qualities I choose to be grounded in. In the bustle of work and daily life I can choose to be swept along or be intentional. My spirit, mind and heart seem refreshed and renewed with this new mindfulness.


  • Reflect on the qualities in another person that inspire you.

  • Be attentive to the qualities that anchor your life.

  • Express thanks for those qualities in you and for the ones that others inspire you with.

Notice how your mindful choices shift your spirit into new gear.

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