Wake Up Call! – Intentional Gratitude


Imagine practicing intentional gratitude each day!

It’s part of the rhythm of my day to express gratitude but I wondered what it would be like to practice intentional gratitude moments throughout the course of a day. I wondered if this was an odd idea.

Instead of brushing the idea aside or putting it off I listened to the insistent inner urge to be intentional.

Every hour of the next waking day I paused and expressed gratitude for someone, for something, for some moment. I was surprised by gratitude for people I’d not thought about in years or decades, for memories of loved ones, for childhood pets and colleagues, for communities that have nurtured me, for the kindnesses of friends.

I was reminded that intentional gratitude moments are not about the practice. It is about a shifting consciousness; an awareness. I still use this intentional practice each day and once a week do it every waking hour. I know I need this intentionality most when I do not feel particularly grateful! What intentional gratitude will you practice? 


  • Be intentional about pausing for gratitude moments each day
  • Allow your consciousness to surprise you

Notice how intentional gratitude shapes the contours of life.

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Written by Robert Taylor