Wake Up Call! – Kindness Mantra



Living with the intention to practice an act of kindness each day is transformative.

Last week I remembered the words of a wise guide who once said, “Be intentional about practicing an act of kindness every day because it will become a life-changing mantra.” I was on a small commuter plane last week and noticed that a young child and her dad were not able to sit together.

I could have kept my coveted aisle seat but instead chose to switch seats so they could be together.

It was a simple thing to offer. I was unprepared for the gratitude of the father. My joy was in hearing the two of them chatting on the flight in the row behind me.

As I remembered the wise words that led me to begin each day with an intention to be kind I realized that this mantra for daily living is an opportunity to be aware of those around me. What word, gesture or act of kindness will present itself today?


  • Begin each day with an intention to be kind

  • Be aware of unexpected opportunities for kindness each day

Notice how the intention to be kind becomes a life-changing mantra in your daily interactions.


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