Wake Up Call! – Let Go of Trying To Control



Let go of trying to control or change another person and find something to appreciate.

In the last year of her life my mother seemed determined to exceed her overweight status. The extra pounds kept further impairing her mobility. Whatever I offered – taking a short walk together, modifying her diet – was rebuffed with a terse “Yes, dear.”

I could live with my frustration at being unable to adjust her diet or I could let go of trying to change or control.

In choosing to let go I intentionally welcomed whatever surprise the Universe had in store for the two of us. Only Mom could have made the choice to change her habits!

Free of the change or control dynamics we settled into a new rhythm of appreciating one another as we were. The humor, the family stories and meals reflected a new ease. It was a more relaxed way to be present to one another.


  • Be aware of how you try to change or control another person

  • Let go of it for both of your sakes

Notice how a circumstance that you cannot change is transformed when you release it.

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©2014 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor