Wake Up Call! – Letting Go & Letting Go


Letting go never lets go of you until your letting go makes room for new insight.

The man sitting two rows in front of me got up midway through the flight to use the restroom. He had once been a malicious volcano, upending my life as I knew it. I had acknowledged him in his seat as I’d boarded. I was unprepared for what I saw as he hobbled, bent over and struggling to get to the restroom.

I was surprised by the swirl of memories of our past friendship, betrayal and the blessings that emerged from that period.

I’d encountered him a few times over the years and each one offered opportunities to forgive for the sake of my well-being and entrust him to the Universe. I’d let go of the pain and turmoil and with each letting go I’d been freed to live in the present. But this was different. I felt profound empathy and sadness for him.

I wasn’t aware that I was facing a choice on that flight but I was. “No one should have to live like that” I thought. So I got up and talked to him. As I walked past him at the end of our flight he grabbed my hand and said “Thank you for talking to me.” Another letting go and a lack of resistance opened the door to a gift.


  • What old hurt is inviting you to let go
  • Be present to what your empathy invites you to do

Notice how each opportunity to let go diminishes your resistance to the fullness of your own life.

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Written by Robert Taylor