Wake Up Call! – Letting Go!


To let go can be a courageous choice!

My friend Sasha had tried for years to get a creative program for kids sponsored by the local library system. Just when it seemed that a new administrator or board would back the program’s implementation the rug was pulled out from it. After years of dogged persistence Sasha told me she faced a choice.

She could choose to keep trying or let go.

Sasha had begun to resent the way her idea had been toyed with. She was feeling frustrated and angry. She was not a quitter but her beloved project had become a squatter, crowding her out of her own life. She chose to let go by detaching from her desired outcomes for her idea.

The result was like a clearing of the woods. I noticed new joy and grace in her life; her energy sparkled. Sasha said, “I didn’t know it but in letting go I chose to re-inhabit my own life. The squatter is gone!”


  • Listen to what you might need to let go of
  • Be prepared to be surprised the new energy that replaces the space of the squatter

Notice how your courage to let go allows you to re-inhabit your life.

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Written by Robert Taylor