Wake Up Call! – Life’s Curriculum


Life is a curriculum waiting to teach you new insights and wisdom.

My friend Lena said that her eighty-four year old dad suffered a major medical issue and she was beside herself with worry. Fearing the worst she expressed her concern to her father, “Oh, no, no!” he said, “This is part of my curriculum of life.”

Her caregiver mode was interrupted by paying attention to her father’s words.

Her father explained that although his recovery would take a while, “I’m seeing this as a chance to be more patient, to make sure I consciously appreciate every day and resist being ornery.” As Lena heard these words she smiled because her father’s impatience, orneriness and lack of expressed appreciation were part of his fiber.

Lena’s father had given her a gift as she wondered what insights the curriculum of life might be offering to each of them. She said, “As dad recovered I was less of a compulsive caregiver; we settled into a routine of being more patient and appreciative of each other.”  


  • What is the curriculum of life revealing to you?
  • Be attentive to the insights and wisdom it invitesNotice how you experience life differently when you are open to its curriculum.

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Written by Robert Taylor