Wake Up Call! – Living Thankfully


Living thankfully is a daily choice.

I try to live a life of thankfulness and gratitude but sometimes it doesn’t work quite that way! Grumbling, dissatisfaction or envy call me out and grab my attention.

Those times are an invitation to mindfully choose which energy and power I will welcome.

There are two tools I use to re-orient my life. I name the seven most important people in my life and tell a few of them why I am thankful for their presence in my life. I out the people who revel in privilege or complaint by naming them to myself.

As if seeing with new eyes I give a shout-out to thankfulness by verbally naming what I am grateful for. It is like a GPS guiding me back to where I choose to live.


  • Be aware of the choices you choose to live by

  • Mindfully embrace gratitude and thankfulness each day

Notice how your life is enlivened by a path of thankfulness.

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