Wake Up Call! – Love and Loss


Grief and loss invite us into expansive chambers of love.

My friend Steve experienced the death of those closest to him over an eight year period. The first of these to die asked him to carve a small wooden funereal boat in which his ashes would be placed and put to sea. Steve began a ritual of carving such boats to hold the ashes of those whose deaths followed.

Steve could have chosen to curve inward on his losses but instead chose to create intimate expressions of love.

The carved boats and paintings of them became the doorway to expressing his love for those who have nurtured him. There is a gritty authenticity revealed in loss illuminated by love.

The result is that Steve has discovered an expansive voice to explore and express his love for his circle of living friends. Vulnerability has led to a life of open-hearted living in the present in which the chambers of love for others is more expansive than anything he could have imagined.


In response to grief and loss:

  • Develop a ritual for being authentic about your emotions

  • Be awake to what is revealed about your chambers of love

  • Be present to expansive expressions of love in the present

Notice how loss and grief invite you to a more expansive canvass of love.

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©2012 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor