Wake Up Call! – Loving Encouragement


Every word or act of encouragement sheds light on the path.

A friend knew that I was unusually nervous about a TEDx talk that I was making last week. She sent me an email – “I believe you will be wonderful tomorrow. Just open your heart and be yourself and the audience will recognize themselves in you.” I kept re-reading it!

Instead of seeing it only for the generous message it was, I chose to receive it as a blessing of loving encouragement.

The talk went well. I went to it thinking about the words of my friend and as I spoke I had an image of her in the audience.

It’s resulted in my gratitude for her intuitive loving encouragement when I needed it. I’m more mindful of the opportunities before me today to express my encouragement to someone.


Each day:

  • Be open to the nervousness or uncertainty of another

  • Express your loving encouragement

  • Give thanks for the person as you entrust them to the blessings of the Universe

Notice how your own life is enriched by being part of a circle of loving encouragement.

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©2013 Robert V. Taylor

Written by Robert Taylor