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loving mindfulness

Every task is an opportunity to engage in loving mindfulness.

My best friend was ill for weeks and not eating much. He wanted to eat Shepherd’s Pie which I hadn’t tasted since I was a child. As I chopped and sautéed the celery, mushrooms, garlic, onions, thyme, tomatoes, oregano and meat I realized that I was not just cooking.

Instead of a task to be completed I had chosen to engage in loving mindfulness.

Mindfulness about the health, recovery and spirit of my friend. Mindful about the hope for his discomfort to be eased. Mindful about the Universe’s loving care for him.

I was glad when he ate more of the meal presented to him than he had eaten in days. As I thought about the loving mindfulness at work in preparing and serving this meal I wondered if I was consciously aware of bringing that same loving mindfulness to all the tasks in my day.   


  • Be aware of opportunities to practice loving mindfulness each day
  • Be present to your gratitude and oneness with others

Notice how loving mindfulness changes the nature of your work.

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Written by Robert Taylor